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We are a federation of Sak Yant practitioners, students, teachers and masters dedicated to the practice and preservation of the unique Khmer spiritual traditions. It is our mission and passion to share our Khmer heritage and it’s blessings with our community and the world. 

In our tradition we study and practice the full Khmer spiritual tradition that was handed down to us from our teachers, and through our lineage for many many generations. To keep our federation strong we live by the ancient code of Khmer Sak Yant masters and follow the Buddhist vows for lay practitioners.  Included in our tradition are Sak Yant tattoos, as well as the full use of Yants, mantras and prayers; daily meditation as well as long meditation retreats in the mountains and forests;  Khmer martial arts; Khmer tradtional medicine; Khmer traditional art; Khmer history; the study and practice of our philosophical traditions including both our Hindu and Buddhist heritage. We bring all these practices together to benefit our community, culture and country, and we love sharing them with anyone and everyone who shows sincere interest. 

We are primarily based near the temples of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Come visit us in the heart of the ancient Camodian kingdom.

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